As MOBIN 2 pc. Is not ready for commissioning & start up , there for MORVARID pc. Decided to supply its required utility in two phases:

  1. Temporary supply of utility by constructing temporary utility facility.
  2. Upon complete commissioning & start up of MOBIN 2 pc. the permanent utility shall be supplied by above mentioned company.

Ethylene utility offsite:

  1. Fire fighting system
    this system consist of one storage tank ( v=2000 m3 ), three electrical pumps , three diesel pumps , two jockey pumps , one chemical injection package & relevant instrument & control system.
    also sea water is considered for fire fighting back up system.
  2. De mineralized water
    This system contains one storage tank ( v=1770m3 ) to supply make up water for cooling water expansion drum & polishing package & two pumps with related instrument & control system.
  3. Desalinated water
    system contains one storage tank ( v=500m3 ) which is connected to mobin2 pc. by pipe line for supplying make up water for fire fighting & safety showers.
    also two pumps and control system are included in this system
  4. Closed loop cooling water
    Three pumps, three titanium plate heat exchangers & one biocide corrosion inhibitor package are considered in this system.
  5. Potable water
    one storage tank with 30 m3 capacity which is connected to MOBIN 2 pc. by pipe line & one pump are considered in this system.